Shop Window Screens

Find out how to use your shop window to communicate with your customers dynamically and with impact.

Shop Window Screens

The shop window of a store, whether it's a small local business or a large chain store, is often an ignored resource that is still managed today as 50 years ago. With our led products for shop windows, we allow you to make your shop window look unique and to have an impact on customers, but also to communicate offers and services in a modern and dynamic way, thanks to the ability to program videos and images.

We also remind you that all our products are DEDUCIBLE TO 140% according to paragraphs 91-92-93 of the Stability Law 2016, extended to 2017 and therefore this is a unique opportunity to buy them.

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Mobile totem for shop windows
This led screen on weels is the ideal solution for shop windows or indoor spaces; it's also very simple to be moved.
Shop Screen
A led screen specifically designed for shop windows; it can be placed both horizontally and vertically, even in direct sunlight.
A LED screen integrated in an elegant structure with shelves to place your products. Visible even in full sun.