Perimeter LED Screens

Direct sale of perimeter LED screens for stadiums and sports fields

Perimeter LED screen for fields

Our LED perimeter screens are used by sport clubs and companies that own sports infrastructures to be installed in stadiums, both outdoors and indoors. They are typically used in: stadiums, sports halls, racetracks, multi-purpose sports facilities, racetracks and other professional sports applications.

Thanks to the modular system our perimeter screen can cover any length, depending on the sport and your needs. You can install it on one or both sides of the stadium/arena to broadcast the advertising of your sponsors and advertisers, as the most prestigious stadiums in the world have been doing for some time. Being modular, they can be mounted on the long side or sports door of sports fields of any length.

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Multipurpiuse LED cabinet: rental, perimeter and fixed advertising
Perimeter led screen
This is the most sold in Europe of our perimeter led screen