Pharmacy LED Crosses

Our pharmacy LED crosses are the most effective means of communicating offers and services to your clients.

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Until now, the only available sign was the traditional green cross that allows only text messages: our full-colour crosses allow you to use high-resolution images and videos to communicate your offers and services in a completely new way, while our animated crosses feature an extremely innovative super-slim design.

All our pharmacy cross signs, as well as other LED products for pharmacies, are the result of more than thirty years of experience in the pharmacy digital signage: they are fully designed and manufactured in Italy!

More than 30 Years' Experience

We were the first manufacturer of pharmacy LED crosses in Italy (and among the first in the world). We have been manufacturing LED screens since 1978, and pharmacy crosses since 1988.

Manufacturing and Selling

As a direct producer of pharmacy crosses (green and multicolor) we can offer the best quality-price ratio in the pharmacy digital signage industry.

Pharmacy crosses

Why Choose an Euro Display Pharmacy Cross?

Tax deductible

All our products are Tax deductible as advertising costs or as equipment, and often benefit from state subsidies. For this reason they are often the best medium-term investment forms for a pharmacy.

Communicate your products and services

Communication has changed, and pharmacies’ crosses must get with the times: our full-colour models also allow you to display high-resolution videos and images to promote products and services, in addition to text.

Innovative shape and features

We have completely redesigned our cross signs to give them a much more modern and recognisable appearance without affecting the cost, because today, more than ever, it is necessary to be noticed by the client.

Reliability & Assistance

ISO 9001 Certification

Our company has been ISO 9001 certified for over 20 years, the only Italian company in the sector to hold this certification which ensures the quality of the production cycle and the electrical safety of our products.

24/7 Technical Support

We are aware of the importance of products working correctly at all times, and of the potential knock-on effects that may arise from the inactivity of a screen. For this reason, we offer technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

3-6 Year onsite guarantee

All our products go well beyond the 2-year Italian and European guarantee: as proof of the quality of our products, we offer a 3-6 year guarantee starting from installation, which also includes intervention on site.



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Product Performance

Easy to program

All our full-colour pharmacy cross signs are configurable online and are supplied with our management software, the result of years of improvements. You can easily program messages, images, videos and features and manage your sign intuitively from any PC, both at the shop and remotely.

Crosses visible evn in sunlight

Our crosses – both full colour and animated versions – feature top-quality LEDs that provide very high brightness and contrast: this is very important, because they are designed to be installed outdoors and be visible even in full sunlight, in order to be effective in communicating information and services.

A product born to last

By buying one of our LED cross signs for your pharmacy, you have the guarantee of fast and thorough support to meet your needs, as well as the certainty of a strong company, with decades of experience in the market, which is easy to contact and obtain a direct response from. Our LED cross signs offer a longer life than imported ones (over 100,000 hours), do not require continuous maintenance, and consume much less power. We also guarantee spare parts availability for at least 10 years.


David O'Sheehan

Lightsign Ltd (United Kingdom)

We have distributed Eurodisplay products for more than 10 years. In this time we have found the Eurodisplay team to be a loyal partner, selling high quality, robust and visually impactful products. The Eurodisplay range has been a great addition to our product portfolio and has gained us many happy customers.


Many companies selling LED cross signs import third-party products, but Euro Display designs and produces everything in-house:

  • The LED cross itself
  • The management software
  • The control system

This makes our LED cross signs so reliable and easy to use and guarantees competitive prices with excellent value for money.

It Might Be the Sign of a Poorly Assembled Pharmacy Cross

The number one reason why pharmacy owners fail to use their pharmacy cross, is because shortly after the installation, the pharmacy cross starts to act weird and to shut down randomly. It is a clear sign that the Pharmacy Cross was assembled using low quality components, like second-choice LEDs, less-than-reliable power supplies and a poorly engineered control system. Usually this happens when the Pharmacy Cross is put together assembling the LEDs tiles from one company, a control system from another company and software from yet other company.

So Reliable that You'll Forget About It

A malfunctioning LED Pharmacy Cross with the problems listed above, could create financial and emotional stress on you and your pharmacy. Furthermore the potential Customer will start to make their neuro-associations about your pharmacy with a low-quality and low-reliability experience. And an un-professional image. Which could affect your business overall, of course. And it could all be avoided if only you put more attention into selecting the right LED Pharmacy Cross.

Hardware and Software Made to Work Together

While most Pharmacy Crosses companies are simply trade companies, EuroDisplay makes it all: (1) the Euro Display Pharmacy Cross, (2) the software that comes with it, and (3) the control system that powers it. That's what makes our Pharmacy Crosses so reliable and easy to use. Because if you are serious about Pharmacy Crosses, you must design your own hardware and software.

PharmaCrox Pharmacy Crosses are designed and built to stand any weather condition, from glaciers to deserts.

Designed and Built to Last

An Euro Display Pharmacy Cross is designed for a long, productive life. EuroDisplay engineers spend countless hours ensuring that each pharmacy crosses is precisely built — inside and out. From the down-to-the-micron fit of each electronic component to the finish of the LED tiles, every detail matters. The result is a pharmacy cross that is thin and light, looks polished and refined, and feels strong and durable.

Born to Perform

To make a better Pharmacy Crosses, only quality components and materials will do. That's why all our pharmacy Crosses contain components (LEDs, electronics components, power supplies, etc.) specifically chosen to give the best possible performance. Durable materials such as stainless steel and ultra-durable polycarbonate retain all these high performance components and keep them safe and healthy.

Top Quality Materials. Only.

Designed with reliability in mind, our led pharmacy crosses aren't plagued by constant broken pixels, intermittent LED tiles, malfunctioning data-transmission cables and faulty power supplies. Good recipes starts with high quality ingredients. That's why we use only the best components available on the market.

100% Water-proof

Our LED modules are encapsulated in a thick bed of silicone gel, sealing out moisture so thoroughly that the LEDs could actually operate under heavy rain for months.

Superior Color Uniformity

PharmaCrox Pharmacy Crosses are built with first-selection LEDs from world leading manufacturers. LED's are selected with just a few nanometers tolerance in color-wavelength, to ensure 100% color uniformity. Which is a complicated way to say that your videos, images and messages pharmacy cross just look better..

It Must Pass 248 Tests Before You Turn It On

Before it is shipped to you, critical systems and components must undergo a rigorous inspection, which include a total of 248 different tests considering all the components. So you don't have any bad surprise when you turn it on and it is ready to work out-of-the-box.

Everything We Say Is Certified by Reputable Third Parties

Anyone can create a nice website and try to sell assembled pharmacy crosses. This is why, everything we say is proven by well-known and reputable third parties. The IQNet Certification proves that we are original manufacturers. The CSQ Certification proves that we have higher quality standards for our products. The TÜV Certification proves that the PharmaCrox Pharmacy Crosses can be used in any weather condition. The Yearly Revision Report proves that we are consistent in the implementation of all this stuff. Since the first ISO9001 certification, accredited 1996..

Greater Reliability. Much Greater.

When you buy a normal pharmacy cross, you're buying something your supplier put together using the LEDs modules from one company and an operating system and software from other companies. Not so with an EuroDisplay's cross. Because EuroDisplay builds both the LED modules, the control system and the software that comes with it, they're literally made for each other. This means that on a PharmaCrox the LED tiles rarely freezes or the software crashes. And you can work without worrying about losing all the messages and calendars you've created. So you can forget about the Pharmacy Cross and focus on your job and your Customers.

The things you do most often on a pharmacy cross, like connecting remotely, updating your opening dates/hours calendars and adding messages to your playlist, are some of the things our crosses does best.

Perfect for Everyday Pharmacy Activities

Our pharmacy crosses comes with everything you need for your daily pharmacy business, like calendar updating and remote connection. It's all part of the supply and since EuroDisplay makes both the hardware and the software that do all these things, they all work together seamlessly.

Make Your Scheduling in Minutes

Our software (PharmaCrox Manager) has an incredible calendar feature, specifically designed for pharmacies. The calendar is a vital tool for some basic marketing in any pharmacy. PharmaCrox Manager helps the pharmacists coordinate and plan their opening-schedule, messages and promotions. And ensures that all messages are visible at the right time. PharmaCrox Manager it's what makes our pharmacy crosses innovative and easy to use. Quite simply, there is nothing else like it.

Change Messages Based on the Time of the Year

PharmaCrox Manager allows you to choose in which days you want to show each one of your messages. You can advertise the best sun cream (or the one with the higher margin) in the summer and anti-flu shot in the winter. For example:

  • From May to September, you can advertise the "Vichy Sun Creams" that protects from the negative effects of sun exposion
    e.g. "Vichy Sun Creams: Top Skin Protection Available HERE"
  • From October to February, you can advertise the "Anti-Flu Vaccine"
    e.g. "The Anti-Flu Vaccine Is Now Available HERE"
  • All year around, you can advertise Aspirin, Band-Aid etc...
    e.g. "Aspririn: Surprisingly Versatile. Available HERE"

Remote Connection Made Easy

Just select your network, enter a password, and you're connected. There's no need to get a cabled connection.

Connect to your Full Color LED Cross and immediately begin transmitting messages, images and videos.

Over 130 Lighting Effects

On each Euro Display pharmacy cross you can visualize a wide selection of preset lighting effects (about 134 and counting). You can choose to display only one effect, or mix those you like the most. Or show them all one after the other, you decide. These effects were designed by our experienced graphic designers to attract the human eye... therefore to make your pharmacy more visible to passing by Customers. Which is really the main job of a Pharmacy Cross, isn't it?

Choose Font, Size, Color and Speed of the Text Messages

With PharmaCrox Manager you can add quality animated titles, texts and customized messages in just a few clicks. You can change font, color, size and scrolling-speed and customize your message to your taste. The options are endless.

Show Any Type of Logo, Image and Shape

PharmaCrox Manager let you organize and schedule almost any image format (jpg, tiff, bmp etc). For example, you can show the logo of the product you have on special-offer. Or a captivating image to promote the product that has been in your inventory for too long. For each image you can set the transition effect, the duration of the slideshow and many more features. All with just a few clicks.

LEDs, power supplies, mother boards... PharmaCrox Pharmacy Crosses mount engineering innovations years ahead of their time. And an control software tailor-made to get the most from it all.

Advanced Printed-Circuit Design

The Printed Circuit Board (or PCB) is a key element in any PharmaCrox Pharmacy Cross. It is the core of our control system and LED tiles. In order to design such advanced circuits, our designers are familiar with not only the concepts of board design, but with all the ancillary elements of other related engineering disciplines as well. Like mechanical, electrical, chemical, thermal and material engineering principles. That's why only a handful of companies in the world can really make Pharmacy Crosses.

Higher Brightness, Better Visibility. Even in Sunlight.

The PharmaCrox Pharmacy Crosses are brighter and sharper than ever before. Even in sunlight. This is the most common environmental light condition but also the most challenging for any Pharmacy Cross. Thanks to the combined used of the best Avago LEDs chips available on the market and the exclusive PharmaCrox Control System (patented by EuroDisplay), a PharmaCrox Pharmacy Cross looks bright when other Pharmacy Crosses are barely visible.

Stunning from Every Angle

The PharmaCrox Pharmacy Cross is designed to look great from almost any angle, thanks to an incredible combination of:

  • LED with wide-visibility angle
  • Smarter disposition of the LEDs on the surface of the PharmaCrox
  • A superior (and patented) LEDs management technology.

This great combination of factors gives you a brighter image with excellent color consistency,  even if your Customers are viewing the Pharmacy Cross up to 120° from the side. Whether they're driving in front of the PharmaCrox Pharmacy Cross or walking to the side, they'll immediately see you. With superb color consistency and no visual disturbs.

Environmental Light Sensor

Most pharmacy crosses are too bright at night. They are blinding, people get annoyed and try to avoid looking at them. On our pharmacy crosses instead, we integrated a built-in ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness to suit the environmental light condition of any time of the day. So your Customers are not blinded by the pharmacy cross at night anymore and can actually read the messages and videos you are displaying.

Efficient Cooling System

Our pharmacy crosses are designed and built to stand any weather condition, from deserts to glaciers. Each of our pharmacy crosses has a thick bed of silicon gel and a polycarbonate frontal protection system, providing the highest resistance to extreme weather conditions. Oh, and it also increase the contrast ratio. So your videos and messages are even more visible and lifelike.

Energy Efficiency Means You Pay Less

Because EuroDisplay designs both hardware and software, we can reduce our environmental footprint in ways others can't. For starters, a highly efficient LEDs management reduces the amount of power wasted when bringing electricity to the LED tiles. Unlike a lot of Pharmacy Crosses, a PharmaCrox uses energy-efficient hardware components that work hand in hand with the operating software to conserve power. Which means it consumes less energy to do the same thing. So you pay less each month.

Every new PharmaCrox pharmacy cross comes with professional advice, award-winning service and support, and a world of online resources and useful information.

Only One Number to Call

Because EuroDisplay makes the hardware and software of every pharmacy cross, you only need to call one number to get help for both. We can answer all the questions on the spot, without the need to call you back after we reported your question to the original supplier. That's because WE are the manufacturer. One of our friendly, knowledgeable Specialists will be on hand to answer to all your doubts.

After Sale Support from EuroDisplay

Get expert technical support from a EuroDisplay Technical Staff. Even better, when you get a turn-key PharmaCrox pharmacy cross installation, you get an onsite training with our technicians. With it, you get a personal trainer who will get you set up, teach you the basics, and help you make your first calendar and playlist.

With its sleek stainless-steel design, both frontal AND rear access for really easy maintenance, and a space-saving built-in control system, PharmaCrox pharmacy cross is pretty incredible. No matter how you look at it.

A Smart pharmacy cross: It Makes the Most of Every Millimeter

A specifically design system makes maintenance virtually painless. And once you're inside, you'll see how clean and organized the PharmaCrox pharmacy cross is. With attention paid to the tiniest detail. Like the clean cabling setup, for example. It's kind of surprising how so much fits into something from 80 to 150 mm thin.

Ready in 3 Weeks

Each pharmacy cross is manufactured specifically for each Customer. Therefore there are usually only a few PharmaCrox pharmacy crosses available in stock (or not at all). Despite this could seems like a long time, we know it barely gives you the time to get everything in place for the day of installation. Actually most of the time, we are ready before you are and you ask us to postpone the delivery by a few days. Want to bet?

Packed in Solid Carton Boxes

Each pharmacy cross is well-packed in solid carton shipping boxes for the shipment. This is very important to avoid any problem during the transportation, that not always is as delicate as you could wish for. In this way, we make sure that it doesn't get damaged during delivery and is working perfectly when you get it. So it is well protected and gets to you ready to work out of the box..

Can Be Installed Anywhere

A PharmaCrox pharmacy crosses is already designed to be installed anywhere: on poles, roofs or building facade. And if you want a really particular design, for a small fee we can provide you with Custom-made technical drawings to built the metal frame exactly the way you want it.

Quick and Painless Installation. Finally.

Superior engineering means a faster installation. Two extensible legs allows the PharmaCrox pharmacy cross to be installed by only two people in about 20 minutes. And thanks to our installation partners, EuroDisplay can provide you with a turn-key installation, so you don't have to think about it..

You Think It Must Cost a Fortune...

We understand how you could feel that way. Most of our Clients are doctors owning and running one or more Pharmacies and they felt that way initially too. But once they started to use the pharmacy crosses they found it worked flawlessly under very rigorous conditions. They found they no longer wasted money and time due to downtime hours, unplanned maintenance and frustration. Now they can actually sleep at night.

It Is Not the Cheapest Product for Sure. But It Is Affordable.

Our pharmacy cross is not the cheapest product you can find on the market, no doubt about it. But it's totally affordable and it provides probably the best value for your money available on the market. You can find a less expensive product, but you risk to end up with an ugly pharmacy cross that makes it impossible to provide a positive and professional image of your Pharmacy. When you buy a pharmacy cross that becomes ugly after 3 weeks, you don't only waste your money, but also risk to lose your Customers and, most of all, to lose your reputation.

We Have Thousands of Customers That Can Confirm It

Until today, after more than 30 years in the LED Signs and pharmacy crosses market (the Company was founded in 1978), EuroDisplay provided its products to over 6.200 Customers. They all tried and tested our pharmacy crosses and our services. They too where skeptical, but this is what they found: they realized that the PharmaCrox pharmacy crosses worked flawlessly and they would be happy recommend it to anyone who was thinking of buying it.

Listen to What They Think, in Their Own Words

"At the beginning, I was a skeptic especially concerning the installation and management of the pharmacy cross. Today I am satisfied with my choice and with your Company. The product is well made. In particular, I found the management software of the display very well made. I will recommend EuroDisplay because you offer good quality at a lower price than the competition."
Dr. Luca B. - Doctor and Pharmacy Owner, Italy

"I have chosen because between the various producers of LED display that I have looked at, you have the best features! The display is perfect, you can see it well both at days and nights, and is easy to manage. The products are generally good, what I expect from a display is that it has good visibility and that it is easy to use. And what if there is a malfunction, you have good technical support! Dear friend, you can't go wrong with a Euro Display product, they are of excellent quality."
Dr. Elvis S. - Doctor and Pharmacy Owner, Croazia

Satisfied customers everywhere

These are just a few recent examples but there are a lot of satisfied customers ... with over 9,000 customers you can now find our crosses in every city!

In the remote circumstance in which you should experience any problem with a PharmaCrox pharmacy crosses, the software or the control system, we are always here to help you.

Real Technical Support. By Real People.

When you have a problem with your pharmacy cross, you need support right away, because you can not wait for days (or even weeks) before the problem is fixed. A PharmaCrox pharmacy cross makes it easy with a direct priority line to our international customer service department, where your call will be answered by one of our friendly, knowledgeable specialists. Not by an answering machine with a recorded message. So you can identify the problem in a matter of minutes. And not lose your sleep at nights.

2 Years All-Inclusive Full Warranty

Each pharmacy cross is covered by a standard 2 years warranty on any single component. Nothing excluded. The warranty covers the LEDs bulbs, the LED tiles, the power supplies, the ventilation system and the power and data cables. So no more bad surprises. And there are no “upgrade” games and you don't have to pay extra for the 2-year protection..

Hardware, Software and Control System Made in Italy.

Our Pharmacy Crosses are engineered and our PharmaCrox Manager software is coded and updated from our Torino, Italy headquarters. Where we also develop our proprietary control system. From the drawing board to the shipping dock to the customer service center, it's all in Italy. Where we have been since 1978.

We can demonstrate the quality of our work

Anyone can create a nice site and try to sell assembled maxi screens. That is why, all we say is counter-tested by well known and respectable third parties. The IQNet certification demonstrates that we are real designers and manufacturers. The CSQ certification demonstrates that we have higher quality standards for our products. The TÜV certification demonstrates that proMarket maxi screens can be used in any weather condition. The Annual Audit Report shows that we are constantly implementing this stuff. Since its first certification, in 1996.



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