The A to Z Guide to Successful LED Screens Advertising


Quick Overview

"The A to Z Guide to Successful LED Screens Advertising" is a printed book about best practices in LED screens and digital billboards management. The book shares technical tips and best practices on LED screen selection, placement and management and explores how to create successful digital billboards campaings and apply marketing principles to increase conversion rates. It also shows how to get the most out of content creation and Customers targeting, so that you end up with intuitive and effective digital advertising. And lastly, you will also get a peek behind the curtains of EuroDisplay.

Product Description

The book has 171 pages in all, full of practical and useful knowledge for LED screens buyers, content designers and advertising sales staff. It contains 32 chapters and is printed in black and white. The book is a paperback and is 21 × 14 cm (8.27 × 5.5 inches).

The book is available exclusively from EuroDisplay and nowhere else. This first and only EuroDisplay book looks at LED screens rules of thumb, supplier selection criteria, content creation guidelines, Customers' targeting, sales best practices, as well as marketing and exclusive insights from top experts across the globe.

It was written by Fabio Aversa with the (sometimes unconscious) cooperation of Carmine Aversa (EuroDisplay founder), Philippe Montel (digital advertising consultant), Riccardo Lavezzo (LED screens owner), and the EuroDisplay technical team.. The book price is 299€.

Why should you buy this guide?

Are you interested in discovering proven “step-by-step” techniques to create a successful advertising business with your LED screen? 
Would you like to discover the secrets of digital billboard advertising that even the best LED screens salesmen don’t know?  

If you would like to install an LED screen and make money by selling advertising, this letter will help you avoid the costly mistakes that every beginner makes because most vendors have NO IDEA of what they're talking about. Yes, you read properly. They might be technically prepared to show you the features of the LED screen they are trying to sell you… but when it comes to making money with LED screens, they are totally unprepared, which means that they cannot advise you on how to run it successfully.

If you are a small advertising company and you are considering to install your first digital billboard, than this book could literally save your business. 

So, instead of going through the lenghty and expensive trial-and-error phase which every first-time electronic billboard owner has to go through, you can now replicate this proven techniques and start your advertising business with the right foot

This book is NOT cheap. It costs 299 Euros.
But think about it... How much time will you save by making everything right from the get-go? How much money will you save without the costly mistakes everyone makes when they start a new business? You can get twice that much just as a discount from your supplier, simply by using one of the techniques I indicated on page 69.

Chapters' Overview

Within the book you will find the chapters listed below. We would like to point out that those are information that you will NOT receive from vendors of companies looking to sell you the screen, nor will you find them in the hundreds of publicity and marketing publications available in the libraries.

1.    How to Choose the Best Location
2.    How to Choose the Right LED Screen
3.    Virtual Pixel Technology: Pro and Cons
4.    How Much Does a LED Screen Cost? 
5.    How to Get the Authorization from the Authorities
6.    How to Install Your LED Screen
7.    Local Business or National Business? 
8.    How to Define the Advertising Space Price
9.    What Are the Running Costs of an LED Screen
10.    The Secret Formula To Great Ads
11.    How to Win the Customers
12.    How to Define the Heavy User
13.    Who Is Your Customer and Where to Find Him
14.    Headlines Formulas That Sell
15.    How to Format Images and Texts
16.    How to Capture Audiences and Keep Them Engaged
17.    Why the Playlist Software Is More Important than the LED Screen
18.    Which LEDs Are You Really Buying?
19.    Dedicated Proprietary Control Sysow. 
20.    LED Screens Franchising: Advantages and Disadvantages
21.    Air Conditioning: Pro and Cons
22.    Why “Best Quality At Lowest Prices” Is A Lie

And that's not all: I'll let you reflect on everything you've been taught about advertising on the screen, regardless of the expert who talked to you. 

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