The classic outdoor giant LED screen model, with rear access cabinets: perfect for installation on a pole

Outdoor LED Screen (Rear service)

The most requested LED display module for the assembly of Outdoor Advertising LED screens, especially when mounted on poles.

Key information

  • Back maintenance access
  • High levels of brightness and contrast
  • Outdoor

Technical Info

  • Use: Outdoor
  • Pixel pitch: 6/8/10/16/20
  • Cabinet size: 960 x 960 mm / 1024 x 1024mm
  • Brightness: da 5500 a 7500 Nit
  • Refresh rate: >1000:1
  • Weight: 45 Kg/mq
  • Protection level: IP65

Our rear-access modular LED screens are the most popular choice for those who need to install an LED advertising screen on a pole (sometimes also on a wall as well, if it's èpossible to leave a bit of space on its back for maintenance operations).

Cabinets are usually made of bent steel, but they can also be made of aluminium; in both cases, no cabling is visible from the outside and it's possible to close the rear access doors with a key. All our cabinets are equipped with thermostatic fans and high performance switch power supplies.

These outdoor LED screens are available in several pixel pitch (6, 8, 10, 16, 20): their displays offer a wide viewing angle, high contrast and high brightness to make the image visible even in full sunlight.