This led screen on weels is the ideal solution for shop windows or indoor spaces; it's also very simple to be moved.

Mobile totem for shop windows

The Totem Mobile is the ideal solution for direct use in shop windows or in indoor display spaces. It can be used on the one side for dynamic communications and on the other as a shelving for goods. It's also very simple to be moved.

Key information

  • Adjustable display height
  • Totally silent
  • High brightness
  • Low consumption
  • Customizable color
  • 100% Real Made in Italy

Technical Info

  • Pixel pitch: 2.5 / 3 / 4
  • Screen size: 102 x 204 cm
  • Cooling: fanless, 0-Noise
  • Use: Indoor

Our brand new movable indoor screens are ideal for direct use in the shop window or indoor exhibition spaces because they are both a large screen and a furniture with shelves. 

Despite the huge screen (2m x 1m or 1,5m x 1m), the body is very thin (6cm), and is easily movable thanks to its wheels. This shop window screen will never be an hindrance for cleaning and maintenance. It 'also a very solid and stable element and the wheels can be easily locked to prevent accidental movements. 

The height of the screen from the ground is adjustable according to your shop display height, so to make it totally visible from the outside. 

On the back of the totem can be mounted shelves (as an optional) so to transform the other side of the totem in an elegant display of products so to optimize the space of your store. 

Of course the vents are on the perimeter to avoid creating problems with goods on shelves and the 0-noise cooling system, totally fanless, ensures no disturbing noise. 

The high brightness (mandatory to have readable communication even in sunny days) and low power consumption make it ideal for many situations.

The screen can be fully managed remotely through the store's PC. 

The screen is available in three different resolutions (P2.5, P3 and P4) and the powder-coated tubular structure can be made in any color to fit your business needs. 

Our products are 100% Real Made in Italy with the product origin certification. This means certified quality and above all a quick and easy management of any problem. 

At the time the product is in promotion launch. Also if you are a dealer, we offer special conditions of supply. Contact us now!