Giant LED Screens for Sport

Production and direct sale of LED screens of any size for sports facilities

Giant LED Screens for Sport

Our LED screens are used by Sports Companies or by companies owning sports infrastructure to be installed in both indoor and outdoor stadiums. Typically, they are used in: stadiums, sports halls, racetracks, multi-sports facilities, racecourses and other professional sport applications.

Our LED billboards are ideal to be used in stadiums. The modular system that allows the assembly in stadium screens of any shape and size.

Thanks to the incredible brilliance of its images, our giant screen stands out within any sports center, catching the attention of all viewers. The use of the screen allows you to:

  1. bring the spectators closer to action
  2. entertain them by making them feel part of the event
  3. display any sponsor's advertising messages

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Multipurpiuse LED cabinet: rental, perimeter and fixed advertising
Front Service
A modular LED billboard witha revolutionary front maintenance system and patented wall-mounted fixing system.
Rear Service
The classic outdoor giant led sceen model, with rear access cabinets: perfect for installation on a pole
Front & Rear Service
Outdoor led screens with both front and rear maintenance access
Outdoor modular led billbards made to withstand even the worst conditions and designed specifically for extreme conditions.