A self-standing framework 3,5 mt high and 1 mt wide with 1 or 2 LED screens.

"Monolith" Digital Kiosk

"Monolith" is a digital kiosk, 3,5 mt high and 1 mt wide (20 cm thick), which combine the traditional signage with the digital one, thanks to 1 or 2 LED screens, depending on the customer needs.

Key information

  • Strong impact
  • Led screen plus fixed info
  • High brightness
  • Double screen (optional)
  • Customizable colors 
  • 100% Made in Italy

Technical Info

  • Pixel pitch: 6, 10
  • Screen size: 96 x 160 cm (single or double)
  • Use: Outdoor

"Monolith" is a free-standing framework 3,5 mt high and 1 mt wide (20 cm thick) with 2 large LED screens (1 on each side): the framework hosts traditional signs containing fixed writings while the LED screens display content according to the needs of the customer. 

It is the ideal solution for anyone who needs an easily identifiable element with a strong impact that can be installed either inside or directly outside thanks to the high degree of protection (IP65). The most common uses are:

  • Shopping centers, being able to provide directions to the shops and broadcast commercials dedicated to promotions, special events and shops, or even third party commercials. 
  • Gas stations, showing clearly the prices and useful directions, and at the same time being able to dedicate a portion of the screen for promotional messages. 
  • Restaurant chains or other services, especially if placed in strong vehicular points, showing promotions and offers visible even at great distances. 
  • Old town areas or places of touristical interest, being able to give indications on routes and monuments, together with various messages (city events, exibitions, promotionals, etc).

Two different communication ways
The bottom of each side is made up of special slats that can be easily customized and exchanged to comunicate points of interest and directions. 
The upper part has a 96x160cm screen on each side, that can transmit static images, video, and written text. The display have a very good resolution (P6 or P10, buta we can produce it even with higher resolutions). 
We also offer one sided version that has only slats on the back and a version topped with a LED pharmacy cross (usually we install our FC100 model).

Fully customizable 
These models can be fully customized according to your corporate colors, as you can see in the projects shown here. All versions have a beautiful satin or gloss finish depending on your needs. We can also insert a smaller or larger screen sizes, even alternating slats and displays. 
Even the size of the model (height and width) can be customized, if you need to order non-standard model.