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Euro Display is one of the leading European companies regarding the production and installation of both indoor and outdoor LED screens. It operates exclusively in this area since 1978 (being one of the first companies in Europe) with almost 40 years of experience and installations worldwide. We can also boast the quality certifications ISO 9001 since 1996 (issued by IMQ).

A catalog always growing
Our technical department constantly experiments new solutions and new forms of communication. We will be happy to keep you informed, if you wish, on upcoming news.

Customized solutions
Our products are designed, developed and made in Italy, at our plants, with 7/10 days delivery time (for standard products) having the raw materials always available on stock. This means that we are prepared to provide customized solutions to solve any need or problem.

The Euro Display History

We have been in the field of LED products for almost 40 years and were one of the first companies in Europe to enter this sector, which for Euro Display’s founder and owner, Carmine Aversa, is not just a profession but a true passion. For over four decades we have been installing our products all around the world and have dealt with every issue imaginable, creating hundreds of customised solutions, from the United States to India, and from South America to Africa.

Euro Display designs, produces and sells all over the world patented maxi screens Made in Italy, with 7/10 days delivery time (for standard products).

This is why we are not afraid to say that we can solve any specific problem that our customers may have.

1978: 2C Electronics was founded in Rosta, near Turin.
The company initially produced only very simple LED single-line displays.

1980: Launch of the First Digital Watches
Production of our first digital watches began, the first major step in the world of LED technology.

1983: Launch of the First Variable Message Displays
The first of a new generation of single-line LED displays was produced: these had more memory and were controlled with a patented infra-red keypad, making them the leading product on the market.

1986: Launch of the first Graphical Display Board
This was the first big technological leap: production of multi-line graphical displays began, allowing graphics and animations to be displayed in addition to simple text characters.

1992: Official entry into the Maxi Screen sector
The success of the first graphical display boards marked the future of the company which changed to its current name: Euro Display srl. New professional figures were installed in strategic positions, with a passion for LED technology being a key factor in the process of selecting new hires.

1997: Launch of the first Full Color LED Billboard Screen in Italy
The company created its first full-colour RGB graphical display, which was able to display 16 million colours, an impressive feat at the time!

2001: Launch of QuadCore Technology
Based on the incredible work and insight of the Euro Display Research and Development Centre, the QuadCore © display offers over 280 billion colours.

2005: Launch of screens for Events
Euro Display entered the Rental and Service world with modules specially designed and developed by Euro Display’s engineering team, who worked closely for several months with some of the most important names in the rental sector.

2007: New premises
The company moved its headquarters to Via Gandhi 21 in Avigliana, near Turin. The new premises, with over 4500 square metres of floor space, have allowed the company to handle the ever-increasing demand for its products.

2011: Reorganisation
Euro Display optimised its structure to make it more efficient and adapt to the new customer base.

2014: Creation of Front Service Products
The Euro Display Research and Development Centre developed a revolutionary system, giving rise to the front service range and the new unstructured fastening system.

2016: Launch of Smart Signs
Our designers developed a new technology that allows the creation of full-colour multimedia shop signs which can be installed in place of traditional ones without the need for special procedures.

2016: New range of products for pharmacies
The Euro Display Research and Development Centre developed eight new innovative LED chemist’s cross sign models, while launching a number of other innovative products for pharmacies.

2017: The Maxi screen is updated, too
Our technicians created a new range of maxi screens with both front and rear access, suitable for any type of installation.

Euro Display offers only products designed and manufactured in our plant in Avigliana (TO) and will release the official Certificate of origin which guarantees the Italian origins of the product, besides the obvious benefits of buying directly from the manufacturer.

We are also a company certified by ISO 9001 for more than 20 years, the only Italian company in this industry that can declare this, ensuring the quality of the production cycle and the electrical safety of our products.

By buying one of our Made in Italy products, you have the guarantee of a fast and accurate assistance regarding all your needs and also the certainty of a strong company, existing for decades on the market, easy to contact and with which you can always have a direct dialog.

In January 2020, Euro Display achieved an important milestone by meeting industry 4.0 requirements, equipping itself with new CNC machines and other technologically advanced equipment in order to fully meet market requirements and offer production of LED maxi screens of any shape and size, both standard and customised, for any application, indoors or outdoors.

From a historical perspective, Euro Display has been manufacturing CE Marked equipment, which also meets ISO 9001 Quality and electrical safety requirements for over 24 years (since 1996). It also adopts the Japanese “5S” company organisation system for optimisation of its operating procedures and improved performance.

The results of this formidable change have allowed the company to achieve a remarkable increase in product quality alongside a significant reduction in costs: a benefit that we have been pleased to pass on to our customers, to whom we also offer customised, accessible payment solutions, including with five-year operating leases.

The company also installed a dual assembly line of 36+36 linear metres which is dynamically configurable in order to allow production of the various models in compliance with European working directives. These technical upgrades, required to deal with increased demand, have allowed us to achieve production capacity of over 1,500 sqm of LED screens per month.

All of this is combined with a fabulous Showroom featuring outdoor and indoor products on display, with a dedicated area composed of three electric winches which can manage screens totalling over 400 m2: here, customers can admire, test out and view the entire range of LED products available in our catalogue, personally assessing the characteristics of the various models in order to make a fully informed purchase decision in keeping with their own requirements (chromaticity, brightness, colour depth and design).

Euro Display has a truly international presence, represented in over 80 countries around the world with more than 21,000 installations, of which 90% are still operational: this figure is the real proof of a company which has always dedicated itself to innovation and quality. What's more, we are proud to have customers who are some of the most important players in large-scale retail, transport, public institutions, advertising, entertainment and industry, all of whom have placed their trust in Euro Display, recognising the added value we are able to provide compared to our competitors, as a company attentive to their requirements.

These extraordinary results were achieved thanks to significant investment and the great intellectual efforts of the company’s management, as well as the passion and skills of all its employees. It is a genuine pleasure for us to fly the flag for Italian manufacturing, with our primary goal to offer the highest levels of quality at the right price.

This is because we do not sell our products at the lowest price, but rather we sell the best product at the best price on the market.

The technological innovations implemented to strengthen our R&D department allow us to develop any new product or customisation request completely in-house, making these activities which we consider fundamental faster and more flexible. We are able to mass manufacture or custom build LED maxi screens of any shape and size, for any kind of indoor and outdoor applications.

Naturally, in addition to updating our production systems, we have also proceeded apace with technical development of our products, creating a new range of innovative fourth-generation products, known as Smart Sign Double Service. These comply with all European regulations relating to CE marking, energy saving requirements, quality and electrical safety certifications, reliability, product durability, and simplified end-of-life disposal. All of this is combined with modern design and excellent value for money in performance and quality terms.


Our products' characteristics


More specifically, the new product range offers the following characteristics:

CABINET – Manufactured entirely in anodised aluminium, instead of painted steel. Thanks to its depth of just 80 mm, we are able to custom make cabinets for displays of any shape and size, all in a highly durable material with the best possible resistance to corrosion and ageing.

DOUBLE SERVICE – Exceptional functional versatility, allowing both front and rear maintenance.

IP 68 – Ingress protection of IP 68 (higher than the standard IP 65) to withstand the harshest climates, such as sandstorms or high levels of pollution, with fan-less technology.

LOW POWER CONSUMPTION – The components have been carefully chosen and the screens designed by our in-house technical department to allow energy savings of over 35-40% compared to standard products, thanks to the use of special LED modules with gold-platinum superconductors which offer greater service life and a bright, vivid image, even in direct sunlight.

HIGH CONTRAST – A very high contrast ratio, in addition to special plastics used for the LED matrices, allow annoying glare to be minimised, as well as creating a very dark background conducive to perfect visibility, even against the sun, and protecting the LEDs from UVA radiation over time.

LIGHT WEIGHT – A characteristic which is greatly appreciated by our customers, as it means greater ease of handling and simplified installation, thanks to the weight of just 30 kg per square metre. A small miracle achieved through the commitment of our technical department.

CONTROL ELECTRONICSProprietary control system developed internally which offers simplified and facilitated remote management through a digital signage platform. Developed in-house, this is managed via a web dashboard in client-server mode, and can be accessed from any device: PC, smartphone or tablet.

LIGHT – – Wall mounting does not require any metal support structure, as they are self-supporting: all of our LED screens are supplied with all accessories for wall mounting with no additional costs.

DOORSElimination of rear doors, which are very problematic in the manufacturing of the structures and their maintenance, which we have replaced with an innovative rear maintenance and inspection system with integrated ventilation.

MODULAR SYSTEM – Our modular system allows metal support structures of any size and shape to be created which are much simpler, cheaper and lighter than those already present on the market, as there is no mechanical interference at the rear as typically found on other products.

FOLDAWAY CARRY HANDLES – Integrated in the cabinet for easier transportation and handling.

SENTINEL24/7 remote monitoring system to check that the LED screen is operating correctly: you can receive email or SMS alerts, or even a call on your phone, in the event of problems or malfunctions.

CONTENT – Professional video graphics content creation service for complete management of the screen by our graphic designers with extensive experience in the sector.


We are proud to point out that we did not start out as customers and then resellers of imported Asian display products. Euro Display was founded as a manufacturer of LED screens, and we are still are, while guaranteeing the highest possible quality of after-sales service for our products, with the goal of meeting and exceeding customer requirements and expectations.


Why choose an Italian-made screen?


We operate in a transparent and honest manner, taking all possible steps to fully satisfy our customers’ requirements (we guarantee full satisfaction, or your money back), offering genuinely Italian-made products with nothing to fear from Chinese competitors.

The road Euro Display has chosen – to manufacture our own Italian-made LED panels and maxi screens, and not simply to become a reseller for imported products – is a difficult one, but it offers great added value to our customers and to our company itself. And in so doing, we ensure that the precious know-how and all the experience acquired by Euro Display over forty years in the field is not lost. The results have always supported this choice.

You are all invited to visit our wonderful Showroom and our production line in our Avigliana headquarters, just a few miles from Turin, where you will receive a warm welcome not just from an ordinary supplier, but from a partner with 40 years of experience that can offer the best advice on the ideal solution to meet your requirements. Euro Display will even pay the cost of our customers’ visits, just one more good reason to come and see us!


We hope to see you soon so we can get to know you better.


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