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Euro Display is one of the leading European companies regarding the production and installation of both indoor and outdoor LED screens. It operates exclusively in this area since 1978 (being one of the first companies in Europe) with almost 40 years of experience and installations worldwide. We can also boast the quality certifications ISO 9001 since 1996 (issued by IMQ).

A catalog always growing
Our technical department constantly experiments new solutions and new forms of communication. We will be happy to keep you informed, if you wish, on upcoming news.

Customized solutions
Our products are designed, developed and made in Italy, at our plants, with 7/10 days delivery time (for standard products) having the raw materials always available on stock. This means that we are prepared to provide customized solutions to solve any need or problem.

The Euro Display History

We have been in the field of LED products for almost 40 years and we are one of the first companies in Europe that operates in this sector, which for the founder and owner of Euro Display, Carmine Aversa, is not only a profession but a true passion. For over four decades, we have been installing our products all around the world and have dealt with all sorts of imaginable issues and created hundreds of customized solutions, from the United States to India and from South America to Africa.

Euro Display strong point is the fact that it designs, produces and sells all over the world patented Real Made in Italy maxi screens for LED communication, with 7/10 days delivery time (for standard products).

Therefore we are not afraid to say that we can intervene to solve any problem.

1978: It all starts
2C Electronics is founded in Rosta (Torino). The company initially produces only very simple LED single-line displays

1980: Launch of First Digital Watches
Starts production of the first LED watches, the first major step in the world of LED technology

1983: Launch of the First Variable Message Display
The first generation of single-line LED displays is produced: they have a bigger memory and are controlled with a patented infrared keypad, making it the leading product on the market

1986: Launch of the First Graphic LED Display
This is the first big leap in technology: the production of multi-line Graphics displays is started, allowing the visualization of graphics and animations in addition to simple text characters.

1992: Official Entry in the Giant Screens Sector
The success of the first giant led screen marks the future of the company that takes the current name: Euro Display. New professional figures arrive in strategic positions, but the passion for LEDs remains a key factor in the process of selecting newcomers.

1997: Launch of the First Full Color Led Billboard Screen in Italy
The first Full Color graphic display is created, by using the three basic colors: Red, Green and Blue! The new screen is able to display 16 million colors, an immensity for those times!

2001: Launch of the QuadCore Technology
From the incredible work and intuitions of the Euro Display Research and Development Center, the QuadCore © display produces over 280 billions of total colors.

2005: Launch of screens for Events
Euro Display enters the Rental and Service world with modules specially developed and designed by the Euro Display Engineers team who for several months work closely with some of the most important names in the rental sector.

2007: A New Office
The Main Office moves to Via Gandhi, 21 in Avigliana, Torino. The new office, with over 4500 square meters of space, allows the company to face the growing demand for its products.

2011: Reorganization
Euro Display optimizes its structure to make it more efficient and adapts to the new customer structure.

2014: The development of Front Service
The Euro Display Research and Development Center develops a revolutionary system that emerges into the front service line and the new unstructured fastening system.

2016: Launch of Smart Sign
Our designers develop a new technology that allows the creation of full color shop signs, which can be fixed instead of the traditional ones without the need for special intervention.

2016: New line of products for pharmacies
The Euro Display Research and Development Center develops 8 new innovative cross-led models, while launching a number of other innovative products for pharmacies.

2017-2018: A new generation of led billboards
Our Research and Development Center creates a new line of led screens with both front and rear maintenance access.

Euro Display offers only products designed and manufactured in our plant in Avigliana (TO) and will release the official Certificate of origin which guarantees the Italian origins of the product, besides the obvious benefits of buying directly from the manufacturer.

We are also a company certified by ISO 9001 for more than 20 years, the only Italian company in this industry that can declare this, ensuring the quality of the production cycle and the electrical safety of our products.

By buying one of our Made in Italy products, you have the guarantee of a fast and accurate assistance regarding all your needs and also the certainty of a strong company, existing for decades on the market, easy to contact and with which you can always have a direct dialog.


Our Vision

We look forward

In 40 years we never stopped, always pointing to the product afterwards.

We Work Everywhere

Being international forces us to always keep up with foreign realities.

Internal Research and Development

We develop new solutions internally with a team of professionals.


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