LED and LCD Totem for Shops and Shopping Centers

Our led/lcd totems are the most effective mean to communicate in a modern way.

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Euro Display offers you a wide range of totem to help you communicate with your clients. Discover with our totem many new ways to promote products, offers and services ... all in the simplest way, as our products are easy to use and do not require any special installations.

All the led or lcd totem you find in this section have been designed and made entirely in Italy or have been selected, checked and subjected to a whole series of tests that allow us to offer you our official guarantee according to European standards.

40 Years of Experience

We have been the first manufacturer of advertising screens in Italy (and among the first in the world). We produce led screens since 1978.

Production and Selling

As direct manufacturer of led screens we can give you the best quality-price ratio in our industry regarding any led product.

Why choose an Euro Display led advertising screen?


Our products are deductible as advertising costs or as equipment, and often benefit from state subsidies. For this reason they are often the best medium-term investment forms for a pharmacy.

Communicate products and services

The communication has changed and crosses must also be adjusted: with our full color you can also display, besides writing, high-resolution videos and images to promote products and services.

A breath of freshness

Today it is necessary to be noted by our customers: we give you the opportunity to combine your normal pharmacy cross with absolutely innovative products that will not fail to attract attention.

Reliability & Assistance

ISO 9001 Certification

We are a company certified by ISO 9001 for more than 20 years, the only Italian company in this industry, and this will ensure the quality of the production cycle and their electrical safety.

Technical Support 24/7

We are aware of the importance of an ever-working product, and of the potential damage that may arise from the inactivity of a screen. That's why we offer technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

3-6 years warranty

All our products include are so reliable that we go far beyond the standard European two-years warranty: on all our products we offer a 3-6 years warranty!



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Prestazioni prodotti

Plug & play and user friendly

All of our totems, both LEDs and LCDs, are configurable online and are supplied with our management software, resulting in years of improvements. You can easily program messages, pictures, videos, and special features from any PC, both from the store and from the remote.

A totem visible also in full sunlight

Our advertising screens have a top quality led that provide very high brightness and contrast: this is very important in order to be effective in communicating information and services because our screens are produced to be placed outside or to be visible in shop displays where are in full sunlight.

A product born to last

By buying one of our products you have the guarantee of a fast and accurate assistance regarding your needs and also the certainty of a strong company, existing for decades on the market, easy to contact and with which you can always have a direct dialog. Our screens, compared to those imported, have a longer life (over 100.000 hours), do not require continuous maintenance and consume much less. We also guarantee the availability of spare parts for at least 10 years.

Other features of our LCD/LED totems

Only the best products

The power supplies and LEDs installed on our screens are high quality products, bought from the best manufacturing companies in the industry. This allows us to maintain the high quality level that makes us famous..

A color always uniform

Our LEDs are specially selected with a tolerance of just a few nanometers in the wavelength of the color, to ensure 100% uniformity. That is a complicated way to say that your videos on a maxi screen are simply more beautiful.

A software for every need

We have developed different management platforms, all simple and fast, depending on customer needs: our standard platform, the result of years of improvements, allows you to schedule and organize the transmission of videos and images even remotely, but we also have other solutions for managing multiple screens or integrating social features into the schedule.

We can demonstrate the quality of our work

Anyone can create a nice site and try to sell assembled led screens. That is why, all we say is counter-tested by well known and respectable third parties. The IQNet certification demonstrates that we are real designers and manufacturers. The CSQ certification demonstrates that we have higher quality standards for our products. The TÜV certification demonstrates that proMarket maxi screens can be used in any weather condition. The Annual Audit Report shows that we are constantly implementing this stuff. Since its first certification, in 1996.



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