LED Advertising Screens

Our LED Billboards are the most effective method of Outdoor Advertising, and their versatility has made them popular for other applications as well.

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Used by advertising agencies around the world to resell spaces to their advertisers. Our LED billboards are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and are designed for long-distance viewing (5-10 metres and up).

Our system is incredibly intuitive and makes Euro Display’s LED screens easy to use even for inexperienced users, who can plan a programme in a few easy steps, operating remotely with any connection.

40 Years of Experience

We were the first manufacturer of LED giant screens in Italy (and among the first in the world). We have been manufacturing LED screens since 1978.

Production and Sales

As direct manufacturers of giant screens, we offer the best value for money in our industry.

LED giant screen

Why choose an Euro Display Led Screen?

Visible even in bright sunlight

Thanks to the high brightness and contrast values offered by LED technology, our screens are perfectly visible even in full sunlight, ensuring recognisable images at all times.

Reduced operating costs

The special design of our modules allows considerable savings, even up to 40-50%; our tests also guarantee a stable product with very little maintenance required.

Operational in all Conditions

Our screens have a high ingress protection level (IP65) and are able to operate even in extreme situations such as very low temperatures or desert climates.

Reliability & Assistance

ISO 9001 Certification

Our company has been ISO 9001 certified for over 20 years, the only Italian company in the sector to hold this certification which ensures the quality of the production cycle and the electrical safety of our products.

24/7 Technical Support

We are aware of the importance of products working correctly at all times, and of the potential knock-on effects that may arise from the inactivity of a screen. For this reason, we offer technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

3-6 Year onsite guarantee

All our products go well beyond the 2-year Italian and European guarantee: as proof of the quality of our products, we offer a 3-6 year guarantee starting from installation, which also includes intervention on site.



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Product Performance

Wide viewing angle

Our maxi screens offer a wide viewing angle to ensure maximum message delivery and greater readability, especially when the viewer is moving fast (e.g.. roadside LED billboards).

High brightness and contrast

All our screens use high-performance LEDs to ensure exceptional brightness and contrast levels: when a screen is installed outside, it must always be visible in the sunlight.

Products made to last

By buying one of our Italian-made products, you have the guarantee of fast and thorough support to meet your needs, as well as the certainty of a strong company, with decades of experience in the market, which is easy to contact and obtain a direct response from. Our maxi-screens offer a longer life than imported ones (over 100,000 hours), do not require continuous maintenance, and consume much less power. We also guarantee spare parts availability for at least 10 years.


Maxim Bakhov

Logate LLC (Moskov, Russia)

Eurodisplay is a good Italian company, which is focused on the client. The company offers quality products at reasonable prices. Most of all, we appreciate its approach, efficiency and the help you provided for the solution of problems.

Fabio Lo Franco

Damir Srl (Palermo, Italy)

We are grateful and very pleased with your products and services.

David O'Sheehan

Lightsign Ltd (United Kingdom)

We have distributed Eurodisplay products for more than 10 years. In this time we have found the Eurodisplay team to be a loyal partner, selling high quality, robust and visually impactful products. The Eurodisplay range has been a great addition to our product portfolio and has gained us many happy customers.

Other features of our LED giant screens


The LED tiles of our giant screens are encapsulated in a thick layer of silicone gel, which keeps moisture out so well that the LEDs can function even underwater.

Maintenance access

Depending on your needs, our giant screens can be installed in traditional rear-maintenance cabinets (Rear Service) or our new front-maintenance cabinet that can be fixed directly to the wall. Our new "Front & Rear Service" model, which allows for more versatile use, is still undergoing operational testing.

The folded aluminum cabinet is also available

Our rear maintenance models are also available with a cabinet made entirely of folded aluminium: this way you can reduce both the weight and the thermal dispersion.

Only the best products

The power supplies and LEDs installed on our screens are high-quality products from the best manufacturers in the industry. This allows us to maintain the high level of quality that makes us famous.

Perfect colour uniformity

Our LEDs are specially selected with a colour wavelength tolerance of just a few nanometres, to ensure 100% uniformity. This is a complicated way of saying that your videos will simply look better on one of our maxi screens.

Red-Component-Compensation© technology

ProMarket Maxi screens feature patented Red-Component-Compensation © technology, which gives perfectly calibrated whites even in direct sunlight, when all other screens appear pink.

Software to meet all requirements

We have developed different management platforms, all of them fast and simple, based on different customer requirements. Our standard platform, the result of years of improvements, allows you to program and organise the transmission of videos and images even remotely, but we also have other solutions for managing multiple screens or integrating social media features into the schedule.

We can demonstrate the quality of our work

Anyone can create a nice website and try to sell assembled maxi screens. This is why everything we say is backed up by well-known and respected third parties. The IQNet certification demonstrates that we are real designers and manufacturers. The CSQ certification demonstrates that we have higher quality standards for our products. The TÜV certification demonstrates that proMarket maxi screens can be used in all weather conditions. Our Annual Audit Report shows that we are constant in implementing these things, ever since initial certification, in 1996.



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