Indoor LED Displays

Renew the inside fornitures of your business adding LED screens and change the way you communicate.

LED signs for shops, pharmacies and malls

A shop, a pharmacy or any other activity is first of all recognized thanks to its sign above the entrance or identified by billboards and flag signs perpendicular to the passage. Replacing these static elements with LED screens make it possible not only to show the logo of the activity, but also to transmit images, videos, animations and scrolling writings visible from a long distance: this completely changes the way of communicating. A led sign allows you to stand out immediately compared to your competirors.

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Smart Sign
Replace your traditional sign with a dynamic led sign that can show images, videos, animations and scrolling text.
Led sign for tabacco shops
Marketing led signs for tabacco shops that can show images, animations and videos
Flag Pro
Communicate products, offers and services to those walking along the sidewalk with the evolution of the classic flag sign.