Outdoor LED Totems

Discover the beauty and elegance of our outdoor products.

Outdoor Totems

Communicate in an efficient way thanks to the wide range of outdoor models we can offer: all products have a wide viewing angle that allows a higher readability. We have all sizes totems, from classic to giant versions and to Monoliths (double-sided column hybrid communication totems up to 3 meters high).

These LED totems can be used both in single installations (permanently or temporarily) remotely controlled by a PC, and in multiple installations with remote and coordinated content management through an external web platform and are perfect for airports, railway stations, town squares, pedestrian areas etc.

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Indoor LED Totem
Indoor led totem, ideal for all kinds of needs such as fairs, airfields, stations, shopping centers, stores...
Giant LED Totem
These outdoor and indoor led totems are the largest on the market: with their 97 ", 122" and 127 "displays
Monolith: LED Info Point
A self-supporting structure 3,5mt high and 1mt wide that allows you to make hybrid communication