Outdoor Rental LED Screens

Discover our wide range of outdoor rental screens available for sale.

Outdoor Rental LED Screens

In 40 years of work in the design field, production and sale of LED screens we have seen and faced every kind of situation. The mature experience allows us to guarantee that our outdoor products are the ideal choice for renters. Very high protection levels (IP65) and high quality components guarantee a product that will last for years despite the continue transportation and assembly/disassembly that will endure.

Some of the products below are also a real revolution in how to make a rental.

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Multipurpiuse LED cabinet: rental, perimeter and fixed advertising
Outdoor carbon fiber ledwall cabinet
The carbon fiber cabinet guarantees unmatched resistance and lightness, and can be mounted in 20 seconds.
HD Media Adverising Screen
The real high resolution finally comes in LED screens with our new line, both indoor and outdoor.