A LED screen integrated in an elegant structure with shelves to place your products. Visible even in full sun.


Mannequin is the solution to integrate dynamic and timed messages into a traditional display case, acting at the same time as a programmable screen and an exhibitor...

Key information

  • Only 6 cm thick
  • High resolution
  • Plug & Play
  • Convenient shelves to display the goods

Technical Info

  • Pixel pitch: 2.5 / 4
  • Screen: 64 x 96 cm
  • Cooling: fanless, 0-Noise
  • Brightness: 1.500 Nit
  • Use: Indoor

The Mannequin display screen, thanks to the integrated shelves that also make it an elegant display unit, is an innovative and modern way to integrate dynamic and timed messages into a traditional display case. Its structure makes it possible to both display your goods and displaying written, images and videos.

The super thin screen (6cm) and the high quality materials make it a very elegant element, while the 0-noise cooling system guarantees the absence of noise. Furthermore, all the control electronics and electrical wiring is already present inside; the screen can be entirely managed remotely by connecting it with a LAN cable, as it is equipped with a powerful internal dedicated control electronics.

The high brightness (to make it visible even during the day) and the low power consumption make it ideal for many situations thanks to the incredible simplicity of installation: our screens are used by pharmacies, hotels, shopping centers, reception, front window...

Our products are 100% Real Made in Italy with the product origin certification. This means certified quality and above all a quick and easy management of any problem.