High resolution LED display module, ideal for giant screens for rental, indoor and outdoor

HD Media Advertising Screen

High resolution LED display module with a characteristic rectangular shape, ideal for giant screens for rental, indoor and outdoor, used for concerts or events, but also installed in meeting rooms and in museums thanks to its "Zero-Noise" technology.

Key information

  • Super high resolution
  • Innovative recatngular shape
  • Ultra-thin
  • Lightweight
  • Both for indoor and outdoor LED screens
  • Very silent (Zero-Noise Technology)

Technical Info

  • Indoor pixel pitch: 3.91 / 4.91
  • Outdoor pixel pitch: 3.91 / 4.91 / 6.25
  • Cabinet size: 100 x 50 x 7,7 cm
  • Weight: 12-15 kg

This HD LED display module, both for outdoor and indoor screens, is characterized by the details of the images provided and the vividness of their colors. It's ideal for those whose goal is to show detailed and high quality images.

Its innovative rectangular design makes it an excellent choice for LED screens offered for rental at large events, concerts on tour, TV broadcasts and indoor or outdoor exhibitions.

This super-slim LED module is cut with high precision systems (error less than 0.05 mm) so that it's possible to assemble multiple cabinets without empty spaces between one unit and another.

The high brightness makes them visible even in bright sunlight, while an all-new heat dissipation technology (Zero-Noise System), which has allowed us to remove the fans, makes them ultra silent, turning them into the best choice for giant LED screens installed at museums, conference rooms or any other environment where a low level of noise is needed.