This is our bestseller, the most sold perimeter LED screen in Europe.

Perimeter LED screen

Modular perimeter LED screens (pixel pitch P10 or P12) with upper absorbing impact pad and integrated support foot.

Key information

  • Integrated support foot
  • Impact-shock bearing
  • Independent systems
  • Modular

Our Outdoor LED perimeter board is available in 10 or 12 mm pixel pitch.

  • Euro Display patent PCB cables btw module keeps the screen working in stable condition even in extreme hot/cold weather or under the rain.
  • Independent small power provides power to the receiving card. Even if a screen should shut down the video signal is still transmitted to the next cabinet.
  • On the top there is a soft cushion to protect the athletes in case of impact.
  • A supporting feet can be used to adjust the screen at 45 degrees. If it's not necessary, the feet can be packed up while the screen is positioned vertically.

It fully complies all the requirements of the Union of European Football Associations.