Totem with double-sided screen to show fuel prices but also videos and advertising images.

Oil Totem

This totem is not only used to show fuel prices: thanks to its 64x96 cm double-sided high-resolution LED screen, you can use it as an all-round advertising tool.

Key information

  • Show prices and communications
  • It resists any weather condition
  • Customizable color
  • Customizable logo
  • Low consumption
  • High brightness

Technical Info

  • Screen size: 64x96 cm
  • Totem size: 64x200x20 cm
  • Pixel pitch: 4/5
  • Brightness: > 6.500 Nit
  • Protection level: IP65
  • Manteinance access: frontal
  • Use: Outdoor

With this totem designed specifically for petrol stations, in addition to fuel prices, you can also show promotions, points collected, notices relating to services offered (car wash, checks, etc.) or any products on sale. You could even use it as rentable inventory by getting paid to show third-party advertisements.

Its two 64x96 cm screens can show any type of communication both in static and animated form; you can alternate images, videos, fixed or scrolling texts, depending on the service/product to be promoted. The totem, only 20cm thick, is very easy to install as it is completely plug & play.

The dynamic brightness that can reach up to 6,500 Nit makes it clearly visible even in full sun, while respecting all the European regulations, while the power consumption of the sign is very low, from 30% to 50% less than a screen traditional led. Any maintenance activity is simplified to the maximum thanks to frontal maintenance.

The structure can be painted in any shade to match the colors of the associated activity. The logo can be mounted above the screen or applied as a screenprint to the body.

The sign is designed and tested to withstand bad weather (IP65 protection degree) and UVA rays.