How to Recognize a Real LED Screen Manufacturer from a Hoax

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How to Recognize a Real LED Screen Manufacturer from a Hoax

LED Screen Manufacturer or Hoax?

Following last week's article, entitled "Are You a LED video walls Manufacturer or a Hoax?" I received several interesting comments. Each one provided a slightly different angle, but basically all posed the same question: "How do I distinguish a real LED screen manufacturer from a hoax?"

How Not to Get Cheated

First of all, let's try to understand what it means to be a "LED screens manufacturer".

In addition to having the ability to select and mount LEDs, being a LED screens manufacturer means first of all have the competencies to develop a proprietary electronic control that can manage these LEDs to produce a realistic image.

The electronic control system consists of of the following:

  1. A Printed Circuit Board (PCB), on which depends the effectiveness with which the LEDs are run, and therefore ultimately the quality of the LED screen
  2. A Control and Management Software, with which the electronic board is controlled to determine and change the settings for brightness, contrast, gamma, diagnostics, remote control etc...

Developing these two components requires very advanced electronic competencies, that in Italy only 3 or 4 companies have developed. EuroDisplay was the first to develop this technology in 1978 (for mono-color display) then evolved into true full color screens.

How to Recognise a Hoax

To distinguish one real manufacturer producer from an import company, the best method is to visit their production site. Pretty easy, right?

If this is a real manufactuer, in fact, you will invariably find all the following tools. Since each of these devices requires a large investment, they are very hard to find in an import company, who would not know what to do with them:

1) Production Area

Trading companies are often quite small, consisting only in a sales office. In case there is a larger space, it is usually a warehouse for the goods in transit – at EuroDisplay for example, the manufacturing plant has a surface of over 4.500 square meters.

Area Produttiva

2) Office of Electronic Design

Any digital billboards manufacturer, has first of all a team of electronic engineers, using one or more professional design softwares – at EuroDisplay for example we use the world's best software Protel®, which license costs about 6.000 euros (

Ufficio di Progettazione Elettronica

3) Office of Mechanical Design

LED screens manufacturers also have a team of mechanical engineers, using a professional 3D CAD design software – at EuroDisplay we use the leading 3D software SolidWorks®, which license costs about 7.000 euros (

Ufficio di Progettazione Meccanica

4) Electronic Microscope

Used to verify the quality of industrial production in printed circuit boards and soldering of electronic components, particularly the most critical – at EuroDisplay we use the state-of-the-art Vision Mantis® Electronic, priced at around 1.000 euros (

Microscopio Elettronico

5) Climatic Chamber

A LED screen manufacturer must necessarily tests printed circuit boards and semi-assembled at precise temperature and humidity values, to ensure they can withstand the weather when installed outdoor – at EuroDisplay we use an Angelantoni® (leader in climatic chambers) worth about 15.000 euros (

Camera Climatica

6) Chroma Meter

The Chroma Meter is a camera that allows measurement of the perfect calibration of the LEDs to ensure that the colors are more vivid and realistic – at EuroDisplay for example we use a CS-100A Konica-Minolta® from the Japanese manufacturer Konica-Minolta, worth approximately 8.000 euros (

Chroma Meter

7) Oscilloscope

The oscilloscope is an electronic test instrument that allows signal voltages to be viewed, usually as a two-dimensional graph of one or more electrical potential differences – at EuroDisplay we use a Tektronix® TDS 5034 from the world's leader manufacturer Tektronix (USA), worth about 9.000 euros (


Other Ways to Recognize a Hoax

There are other ways to recognize a hoax... do you know any? Use the form below to let us know!

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Are You a LED Screens Manufacturer or a Hoax?

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Ma Tu Sei un Produttore Italiano o una Bufala?

LED Screens Manufacturer or Hoax?

Lately I find every day on the internet a new "manufacturer" of LED screens which I was not aware of. All these new producers say that they have decades of experience and have manufactured and installed thousands of square meters of electronic billboards. They are all highly trained, very reliable and with an unparalleled experience.

Too bad that these thousands of square meters, these hundreds of installations worldwide and dozens of these various applications have always been made for third parties. And therefore they can not show any reference. No photo, no Customer feedback. Nothing.

That really sucks. Imagine how annoying it must be to have manufactured and installed all these screens and be able to show only a few pictures.

Manufacturers for Over 5, 10, 15 Years... More or Less!

Not to mention the fact that during the previous ten years of activities they must have worked on another planet, because a simple VAT number check or annual report check with the local chambre of commerce, would always shows that:

  1. There is no annual report because the company was established less than 12 months ago

    But weren't they on the market for over 10 years during which they have gained unmatched experience that in comparison General Electric is a novice?

  2. They are Partnerships and not Corporations (therefore without deposited capital), and therefore all the liabilities are covered with the personal assets of the partners. Well, if they have any.

    Did they really have installed all these thousands of square meters under contract with third parties, although not establishing a Corporation?

    Hey, I believe that everybody is free to do what they want, but these are expensive equipments we are talking about! Is it possible that all these previous Customers they had, never asked for better guarantees than a Partnership can offer?

  3. The VAT number is not available on the website so it is impossible to carry out a thorough check-up

    May not have been informed that in most European Countries since 2001 it is required to expose the VAT number on the homepage (article 35, paragraph 1 of decree DPR 633/72).

    Have they been too busy to install LED billboards around the world? Or is it that they are trying to avoid detailed audits by potential Customers?

I do not know, I smell a hoax ... What do you think? Write your comment using the form below.

Post Scriptum

And why anyways the texts that I read on these sites are all similar to those that I wrote for EuroDisplay in the last 8 years? If only I had known these companies years ago I could have "taken inspiration" from the content of their websitse and I'd have saved a lot of work! :)

Contacts and More Information

For more information, call us now at the No. +39/011-954-1015, or write to Click Here for the Quotation Online or visit the Clients page to see our latest installations and references.

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