Perimeter LED Screens

Direct sale of perimeter LED screens for stadiums and sports fields

Perimeter LED screen for fields

Thanks to a special software you can transform our maxi screens into scoreboards.

The advantage of using a real LED screen instead of a traditional scoreboard with only led numbers is that you can easily change the layout of the elements and display them in writing, images or videos on the same screen, together with scores as well as an alternative to them if necessary.

Our screen models range from the Shop Screen (two meters wide and one high) to the modularity of our maxi screens systems, which we can supply both for indoor and outdoor use. In particular, we would like to remind you that the Tris product can be transformed either in a maxi screen or in a LED sideline screen. Being modular can be mounted on the long and/or short side of any sport field.

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Multipurpiuse LED cabinet: rental, perimeter and fixed advertising
Perimeter led screen
This is the most sold in Europe of our perimeter led screen