Special Products

More than simple screens... our LED technology can be applied in many original and creative ways.

Special Products

The Euro Display Research and Development Center has always been committed to find new solutions and new uses for the LED technology, sometimes on customer request or stimulation, but most of the time independently. The founder's passion for LEDs has been going on since 1978 and has never finished.

So many products are created by the desire to create something new, or even just from the need to cover or improve the functions of prototypes on the market (many will remember when pharmacies still had neon or Plexiglas backlights)

Tailor made LED products

If you have particular needs, you are installing a stand, doing a little widespread activity but for which you would need a customized communication tool or have an idea that you would like to put into practice but that seems impossible to you ... turn to us.

We have always produced specially designed and assembled products customized to the needs of the customer, and often the result is something really useful, including the spiral curved display (30 meters!) created at the EXPO for Lavazza. Try to contact us with your idea and, with no commitment on your part, we will find the way to create it for you! Also remember that all our "standard" products can be customized.

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Smart Sign
A led screen made to be a shop sign
Light Box
Special waterproof screen with high brightness, specially designed for fixing on poles and street lights.
Mobile hydraulic trailer for giant LED screen, with a completely automated mechanism.
Taxi Led Screen
Two-sided LED screens designed to be placed on the roof of any taxi.
Create a lot of unique light effects with those fully programmable led tubes.
Led sign for tabacco shop or bar
Insegna multimediale per tabaccai e bar che puà mostrare servizi e informazioni
Custom made led screens