The LED Screens Advantage

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As always, after an exhibition, I come home with hundreds of new ideas and a better understanding of the digital billboards market.

After talking with several customers and visiting several booths at the recent Viscom Italia in Milan I realized something that I already knew but that hit me…

The video or electronic LED billboards have been on the market for several years now but it is still in its infancy as a developing media for outdoor advertising.

The more I walked around the exhibition center, the more I understood the huge advantages of LED giant screen for outdoor applications - LED large format screens offer a greater flexibility of use than conventional billboards could ever provide.

I think electronic billboards' main benefits could be summarized as the following:

  • Moving Messages - have been proven to catch the human eye's attention up to 8 times more than a static advertising billboard
  • Higher Brightness - which allows the LED Billboard to stand out of the crowd both during the day and at night
  • Increasing LED Resolution - that is transforming the outdoor screens in HUGE high-resolution TV monitors
  • Videos and Animations Capabilities - that allows to broadcast TV commercial as seen on television
  • Multiple Message Provider - that allows advertising companies to run multiple campaigns on the same screens
  • PC Remote Control - so you can change the ads in just a mouse click rather than sending out a crew to pull down and replace a billboard message.

Over the next decade, we can expect to see more and more LED billboards and displays popping-up along the streets - first along the most trafficked highways and near major urban centers, and then spreading out to less populous areas.

So, you actually have the chance to enter this expanding market at the very beginning. CLICK HERE to request your online quotation, it takes less than 10 seconds, and to discover more about the LED screens technology and its potential.

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How to Preserve Your Led Screens When the Weather Is Extremely Cold

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How to Preserve Your Led Screens at When the Weather Is Extremely Cold

This is the time of the year when many Customers ask me about the operating temperature of the LED video walls. The winter has come and apparently this is going to be a cold one. So the question I hear a lot these days is "How cold is too cold?"

In the months between December and February, we can reach extremely low temperatures, generally as low -20°C / -25°C in urban areas of central Europe (but we can get to -50°C in northern countries such as Sweden and Finland).

So how does a led screen respond when the temperatures are so extreme? The general rule of thumb for led screens is this: the colder it is, the better it runs.

Some jokingly say that a led screen runs best with a thin frosty layer on it. The reason that's a joke is because humidity and electronic printed circuits don't mix very well, so ice is better than water.

But how low can the temperature go before becoming an issue? Led chip suppliers (such as Nichia, Cree etc), generally indicate the lowest operating temperature of the leds at -30°C. This is a pretty good minimum temperature and it is enough for 90% of European cities and countries.

But how can you protect your led screen when the temperature is even lower? Or when the thermometer is at -30°C for several consecutive days?

When the LED billboard is working, its components (led tiles, power supplier and control boards) heats up. This heat is then contained within the metal cabinet of each single module. This process creates a warmer and drier micro-climate inside each cabinet, which is ideal for the led screen.

Your goal should be to preserve this micro-climate. This means to keep the led screen working 24 hours a day, even at night. In fact, turning the led screen off at night (from midnight to six in the morning, for example) is one of the worst things you can do in extremely cold weather conditions.

When you turn the led screen off at night, the internal temperature drops dramatically in a very short time. This may not damage the components directly, but it might create problems when you want to turn on the led screen again. The PCs in particular are most sensitive to these temperature changes.

If you can not have the LED screen working 24 hours a day (e.g. for some city regulations), then the second best thing you can do it to keep the led screen in stand-by (or black) at night. This means that the led screen is actually "alive" but it is simply not displaying any image, exactly like a TV when you shut it down with the remote control.

From the outside you can not tell the difference between a screen that is turned-off and one that is in stand-by, but this makes a big difference inside. When the led screen is in stand-by, its components are alive and still producing some heat. Of course, it is much less than the heat produced when the led screen is working, but it is still much better than no heat at all.

EuroDisplay playlist software has a particular function that allows you to put the led screen in stand-by mode at night in one single click. This feature was developed specifically for led screens in these conditions. It even allows you to select between a totally black screen or a clock with current time and date when in stand-by mode.

Instad, if you are absolutely forced to turn off the led screen completely at night or for longer period of time, there is still one option. Higher quality digital billboards will have no or little problem when you turn them on again (but the temperature is still extremely low).

Instead, if the led screen does not turn on anymore, there is still a solution. Before you turn on the led screen again, try to warm up the cabinets with some electrical heaters. Let it warm up for thirty minutes to an hour (depending on weather conditions). Then try to turn it on again.

So to summarize, here's what you can do to preserve your led screen at at extremely low temperatures:

  • Ideally, keep your led screen working 24 hours a day
  • If that's not possible, at least put it in stand-by mode at night
  • If you are forced to turn it off and you have problem to turn it back on, then try to warm the led screen up


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How to Pilot the Biggest Led Screens for Sports in Europe

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The Biggest Led Screens for Sports in Europe

Ankara Arena, Turkey -- Euro Display recently installed a total of 400 square meters (between indoor and outdoor LED screens), in what is considered the biggest led screen installation in Europe.

The Problem

The brand-new Ankara Arena needed a professional led screens system in order to host the prestigious FIBA World Championship - Turkey 2010.

The main issue was finding a cost-effective solution for an equipment with very strict requirements in terms of reliability and broadcasting capabilities.

The main technical issue consisted in the ability to broadcast the same content on all led screens but with the possibility to use each of them individually.

Furthermore the reputation and pride of the Country were at stake and the team in charge of the selection of the led screens could not afford anything else but perfection. Which put an incredible pressure on the team in charge selecting the digital billboards supplier.

The Solution

The led screens were installed for the inauguration of the new Ankara Arena in occasion of the FIBA World Championship and included the following configuration:

  • n. 4 Indoor Led Screens (diamond) - 5 x 4 meters - p10mm real SMD 3-in-1 > Total 80 sqm
  • n. 2 Indoor Led Banners - 60 x 1 meters - p10mm real SMD 3-in-1 > Total 120 sqm
  • n. 2 Indoor Led Banners - 80 x 1 meters - p10mm real SMD 3-in-1 > Total 160 sqm
  • n. 1 Outdoor Led Screen - 8 x 5 meters - p10/20mm 2R+1PG+1B > Total 40 sqm

The n. 4 led screens of the diamond and the n.1 outdoor led screen can broadcast the same image at the same time and are simultaneously controlled by EuroDisplay's Professional Video Scaler able to display live images and pre-edited content from several video-sources.

The n. 4 led banners are simultaneously controlled by Euro Display' Control PC and Software and can display the same image/video as well as different videos according to the needs.

All led screens are connected to the Control Rooms with more than one kilometer of fiber cables to allow real-time management of the content displayed (see cabling diagram below).

Customer's Feedback

"We chose EuroDisplay for your experience in the sports electronic billboards after evaluating your previous case studies." says Mr Serka project manager in charge of selecting the led screens supplier.

"We were followed promptly on our customizations needs and were provided with precise technical information when requested."

"The reliability of the led screens was our main factor of decision and we found that you provided the best guarantees."

This new installation widens the expertise of Euro Display in Sports applications such as stadiums and indoor arenas and confirms it as one of the most reliable and competitive led screens suppliers Worldwide.

Led Screeen Assembling

Led Screen Sports Manufacturing

Cabling Diagram

Led Screen Sports Manufacturing

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How to Find Us at Visual Communication in Just 3 Minutes

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How to Find Euro Display at Visual Communication Italy in Just 3 Minutes

For all Customers visiting us at VisCom Italy on October 21, 22 and 23 (FieraMilano Rho), here's some useful information.

How to Find Us in Just 3 Minutes

From the Visitors' Entrance, take the lane on the left

From the Visitors' Entrance, take the lane on the left

Walk Past the Info Point

Walk Past the Info Point

We are on the Left Side, before the ViscomLab and on the left of the Digital Signage Forum

We are on the Left Side, before the ViscomLab and on the left of the Digital Signage Forum

How to Contact Us at the Exhibition

  • Call us at the number +39 / 335-627-6697
  • Visit us at the Hall 1 - Booth N1 / P2

How to Download the Map

CLICK HERE to download the map below in pdf format

are on the Left Side, before the ViscomLab and on the left of the Digital Signage Forum

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Pharmacy Signs: EuroDisplay Selected to Provide over 50 Pharmacy Crosses

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Pharmacy Signs - Pharmacy Crosses

The Most Popular Pharmacy Signs in Turin

How to Replace 52 Pharmacy Signs

After evaluating many companies (Italian and foreign), the managers of Farmacie Comunali Torino SpA (Municipal Pharmacies Group), selected Euro Display to replace all the pharmacy signs of the pharmacies in the group.

The Municipal Pharmacies Group (whose majority shareholder at 51% is the City of Turin) manages 34 community pharmacies of Turin and it is the most rooted reality in the Turin area.

Why Our Pharmacy Signs?

Being the largest Italian producer of pharmacy signs, the choice of the Municipal Pharmacies Group is a further confirmation of the leadership of EuroDisplay in the pharmacy crosses market.

A clear sign that the quality and reliability (when offered at competitive prices) have returned to play an important role in the industry, after a period in which some "distributors" without a solid technical background, have tried to import and resell low cost pharmacy crosses, with very bad results.

Euro Display has been selected (1) for the reliability of the pharmacy crosses and (2) for the competitive prices, which both represent the core strengths of our Company for more than 30 years.

Our Best Pharmacy Crosses

"The Most Reliable Pharmacy Crosses to Date"

"What we have developed for the Municipal Pharmacies are the best pharmacy signs that we have produced to date" said Carmine Aversa, owner and founder of Euro Display.

"We have designed them specifically to meet Customer’s requirements, based on the strong foundations provided by our PharmaCrox pharmacy cross, that became famous in the industry for its reliability"

"And to minimize delivery times, we asked an extraordinary effort to our manufacturing team, that as usual, proved to be real professionals."

Turn-Key Pharmacy Signs

More Pharmacy Signs Photos and Videos

The delivery of the first pharmacy signs has already begun and will continue for several weeks, until the complete installation of all 52 pharmacy crosses. In the coming days we’ll publish photos and videos of the pharmacy signs after the installation has been completed.

Meanwhile, here are some photos taken at our headquarters in Avigliana during the production of the first batch of these pharmacy signs.

Pharmacy Signs - Pharmacy Crosses

Pharmacy Signs - Pharmacy Crosses

Pharmacy Signs - Pharmacy Crosses

Pharmacy Signs - Pharmacy Crosses

Pharmacy Signs - Pharmacy Crosses

Pharmacy Signs - Pharmacy Crosses

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