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How to Recognize a Real LED Screen Manufacturer from a Hoax LED Screen Manufacturer or Hoax? Following last week's article, entitled "Are You a LED video walls Manufacturer or a Hoax?" I received several interesting comments...

Electronic Billboards for Sports

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These electronic billboards are used in stadium and arenas by sports teams, to resell advertising spaces to their sponsors and advertisers. They are specifically developed for the usage at stadiums as Led Banners Screens or as a classic electronic billboards. The modular system allows assembling in any shape and size. Calculate the price of your next LED screen

Can You Broadcast a Game on Electronic Billboards Like These?

Does Your Electronic Billboard Looks Like This After 2 Months?

Of Course Not. Nobody Can.

Most LED Billboards look very similar within the first few weeks of their life. But major differences starts to emerge immediately after and they grow exponentially overtime. And your Customers start complaining about your Electronic Billboards immediately after you turn it on, long before the event even starts...

Are Many of the Pixels Broken, Like This?

Are Most of the Pixels Broken, Like This?

It Is the Sign of a Poorly Assembled Product

If many pixels start to fail within a few weeks from installation, it is a clear sign that the electronic billboard was assebled using low quality components, like second-choice LEDs, less-than-reliable power supplies and a poorly engineerd control system. Usually this happens when the digital billboard is put together using the LEDs modules from one company, a control system from another comany and software from yet other company...

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Is the Playlist Software Crashing Often?

It Might Be the Sign of a Poorly Coded Control Software

It Might Be the Sign of a Poorly Coded Control Software

One of the main reasons why A/V rental and service agencies fail with their electronic billboards, is because during the events the ledwall starts to act weird and to shut down randomly, leaving the crowds disappointed and the organizers mad...

What Do You Prefer to Lose:
Money, Customers or Reputation?

What Do You Prefer to Lose: Money, Customers or Reputation?

If You Are Like Us, Probably None of Them

A malfunctioning electronic billboard with the problems listed above, could create a tremendous amount of financial and emotional stress on you and your A/V company. And it could all be avoided if only you put more attention into selecting the right LED video wall...

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That's Why You’ll Love a EuroDisplay Electronic Billboards

EuroDisplay LED billboards are designed to give you the best experience possible when you use them as the main tool of your A/V rental company. Because EuroDisplay makes both the hardware and the software, everything just works. Like an electronic billboard should. So whether you’re building the electronic billboard, broadcasting a live-video feed or playing a video, everything is surprisingly simple.

Hardware and Software Made to Work Together

While most electronic billboards companies are simply trade companies, EuroDisplay makes it all: (1) the digital billboard, (2) the software that comes with it, and (3) the control system that powers it. That's what makes EuroDisplay's LED billboards so reliable and easy to use. Because if you are serious about electronic billboards, you must design your own hardware and software.

Hardware and Software Made to Work Together

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It’s Highly Reliable

Our electronic billboards are designed and built to stand any weather condition, from glaciers to deserts.

Designed and Built to Last

EuroDisplay's electronic billboards are designed for a long, productive life. EuroDisplay engineers spend countless hours ensuring that each proGame is precisely built — inside and out. From the down-to-the-micron fit of each electronic component to the finish of the LED tiles, every detail matters. The result is a Led Screen module that is thin and light, looks polished and refined, and feels strong and durable.

Designed to Last

Born to Perform

To make better electronic billboards, only quality components and materials will do. That’s why every EuroDisplay Led Wall contains LEDs, electronics components and power supplies specifically chosen to give you the best performance possible. And materials like stainless-steel or rugged polycarbonate keep all those high-performance components safe and sound.

Born to Perform

Top Quality Materials. Only.

Designed with reliability in mind, our electronic billboards aren't plagued by constant broken pixels, intermittent LED tiles, malfunctioning data-transmission cables and faulty power supplies. Good recipes starts with high quality ingredients. That's why we use only the best components available on the market.

Top Quality Materials. Only.

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100% Water-proof. Like You Can Put It Underwater.

proGame LED modules are encapsulated in a thick bed of silicone gel, sealing out moisture so thoroughly that the LEDs can actually operate underwater for months on end.

100% Water-proof. Like You Can Put It Underwater.

Extreme Weather Conditions? It Doesn't Matter

Our electronic billboards are designed and built to stand any weather condition, from deserts to glaciers. Each EuroDisplay's LED video wall has a thick bed of silicon gel and a polycarbonate frontal protection system, providing the highest resistance to extreme weather conditions. Oh, and it also increase the contrast ratio and perceived color brightness. So your videos appear authentic and lifelike.

Higher Resistance to Extreme Weather Conditions

Superior Color Uniformity

EuroDisplay's electronic billboards are built with first-selection LEDs from world leading manufacturer like CREE. LED's are selected with just a few nanometres tolerance in color-wavelength, to ensure 100% color uniformity. Which is a complicated way to say that your videos on a EuroDisplay's ledwalls just look better.

Superior Color Uniformity

White Even When Other Electronic Billboards Are Pink

proGame adopts a patented Red-Component-Compensation© technology that allows you to broadcast a perfectly calibrated white color even in direct sunlight. When all other electronic billboards look pink. So you don't have to hear the complains of your Customers anymore.

White Even When Other Led Screens Are Pink

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It Must Pass Over 2380 Tests Before You Turn It On

Before it is shipped to you, a EuroDispaly Electronic Billboard critical systems and components must undergo a rigorous inspection, which include a total of over 2380 different tests considering all the components. So you don't have any bad surprise when you turn it on.

It Must Pass 2380 Tests Before You Turn It On

Everything We Say Is Certified by Reputable Third Parties

Anyone can create a nice website and try to sell assembled electronic billboards. This is why, everything we say is proven by well-known and reputable third parties. The IQNet Certification proves that we are original manufacturers. The CSQ Certification proves that we have higher quality standards for our products. The TÜV Certification proves that the EuroDisplay's electronic billboards can be used in any weather condition. The Yearly Revision Report proves that we are consistent in the implementation of all this stuff. Since 1996.

Everything We Say Is Certified by Reputable Third Parties

Greater Reliability. Much Greater.

When you buy a normal LED billboard, you’re buying something your supplier put together using the LEDs modules from one company and an operating system and software from other companies. Not so with a EuroDisplay's proGame. Because EuroDisplay builds both the LED modules, the control system and the software that comes with it, they’re literally made for each other. This means that on a proGame the LED tiles rarely freezes or the software crashes. So you can do anything — without worrying about losing everything.

Greater Reliability. Much Greater.

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It’s Better at the Things You Do Every Day

When our engineers and designers created the EuroDisplay's electronic billboards, they first collaborated with some of the biggest companies in the rental and staging business to find out exactly what they needed in a Led Billboard for Service and Staging.

Superior Engineering Means Faster Installation

A EuroDisplay's electronic billboard provides a completely integrated solution that goes up fast—incredibly fast. Two people can built a 12 square meters Led Billboard in 27 minutes, from flight cases to broadcast. It’s designed to stand strong under the stress of frequent assembling and repeated tear-down.

Perfect for Everyday A/V Rental and Service

A proGame comes with everything you need for your daily A/V rental and service business, like the fast-locking system, the professional multi-source video scaler and the video playlist software. It’s all part of the supply and since EuroDisplay makes both the hardware and the software that do all these things, they all work together seamlessly.

Perfect for Everyday A/V Rental and Service

Make a Video Playlist in Minutes

VisualManager is an incredible video playlist software, specifically designed for A/V Rental and Service. Built on a rock-solid Apple QuickTime foundation that provides unparalleled stability, incredible performance and stunning image quality. VisualManager it’s what makes EuroDisplay's electronic billboards innovative, compatible, and easy to use. Quite simply, there is nothing else like it.

Make a Video Playlist in Minutes

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Powerful Plug-and-Play Technology Means Easy Setup and Simple Connectivity

Our electronic billboard provides real-time visuals simply by connecting the video transmission cable from any source—cable or satellite TV, DVD, computers. EuroDisplay uses a combination of high-impact tools to create a LED billboard that functions as a huge monitor with natural, real-time images and videos. Simple.

Remote Connection Made Easy

Just plug the LAN cable and EuroDisplay's electronic billboard is online. Now you can connect to it remotely from anywhere in the World with just one click, thanks to the integrated remote-connection software that comes with every EuroDisplay's electronic billboard. Furthermore every proGame comes with an integrated wireless connection system, using the latest Wi-Fi technology standard, so you can join wireless networks in just a few clicks in case you can not use a cabled line. Just select your network, enter a password, and you’re connected. There’s no need to get a cabled connection, no configuration process or complicated setup. Like a lot of things, a proEvent does it all for you.

Wireless Made Easy

Create Videos with a Mac

If you use an Apple computer like most A/V Service companies do, you can create amazing advertising videos and multimedia content. Then connect remotely to your electronic billboard, upload the files remotely and add them to your playlist. EuroDisplay's playlist software is based on Apple QuickTime. Many of today’s leading authoring, multimedia and entertainment applications rely on QuickTime, because contains a rich set of developer APIs for handling almost any audio, video and media task.

Create Videos with a Mac

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Summary of Exclusive Features

Here there are some of the main exclusive features that you get with our electronic billboards. It allows you to:

  • Take Advantage Of The Modular System
    Thanks to the modular system you can assemble the proGame© in different ways, without any limitation in shape or size. You can install the electronic billboards at one or both side of the stadium/arena (as a classic Led Screen) to broadcast the game live and display ads. Or you can install it along the play-field, as a Fascia Board (also known as Led Banner) to display commercials from your Sponsors, as the main Stadiums and Sport Venues do.

  • Provide A Memorable Experience To Your Audience
    Thanks to the incredibly brilliance of the live-images and action-replay. Our electronic billboards enable you to (1) Put your crowds closer to the action, (2) Boost connection within the audience and (3) Create unforgettable moments.

  • Charge Your Advertisers An Higher Price Premium
    For your advertising spaces. Audiences have a great bergaining power... and if you capture the attention of the entire stadium and of the public at home, you can benefit from The Power of the Audience by reselling your broadcast space to advertisers.

  • Save Time Everytime You Update The Ads Playlist
    proGame is an electronic billboard that can be updated without the cost and expense of changing the physical sign itself. Thanks to its easy-to-use (we mean it for real) scheduling software, you can create your playlist in a matter of minutes. Furthermore you can define the broadcast date and time of each ad, with a simple calendar function.

  • Manage Your Electronic Billboards Network With One PC
    Euro Display's scheduling software (EDplayer) has a specific function that allows you to adapt any commercial to the resolution of each of your electronic billboards. So if you have 3 electronic billboards (eg. 288×192 pixels, 384×288 and 480×384), you do not need to create the same commercial 3 times in 3 different resolutions. You can simply create one standard ad that will be resized and adapted to each electronic billboard in your network, with no black stripes on the side of the ad.

  • Add A Soundtrack To Your Playlist
    Sound is one of the most powerful communication channels, probably second only to sight. That's why all EuroDisplay's electronic billboards are equipped with the audio output. So you can plug speakers of any type and power. At concerts, fashion shows etc, our electronic billboards are used in combination with sound to boost the crowds, so why not doing it with your audience too?

  • Flexibility Is The Key To Success
    And we know that. That's why the use of our EDplayer scheduling software is not mandatory. On the control PC you can run any player you prefer or are familiar with. Just keep in mind that in EDplayer we implemented some functions targeted for the electronic billboard avertising business that you may not find in other softwares.
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