The cabinet is made of carbon fiber, ant this means high strength and low weight.

Indoor carbon fiber cabinet

Molded carbon fiber is made from the new material, with high strength and ultralight, Ultrathin cabinet. High contrast, high refresh rate, making the LED displays operate without any delay.

Key information

  • Carbon fiber
  • Very light
  • Resistant
  • LED display stats
  • Multiple configurations

Technical Info

  • Pixel pitch: 3.91 / 4.8
  • Cabinet size: 50 x 50 x 4,2 cm
  • Cabinet weight: 3,5 kg
  • Use: Indoor
  • Material: carbon + magnesium, die-cast

Carbon fiber is an extremely durable material even with minimal thicknesses and is at the same time very lightweight: its use for LED module cabinets entails enormous advantages, above all logistic:

  • the cabinets are thinner and so during transport is possible to transport almost double of the modules with the same encumbrance.
  • the carbon fiber modules are extremely lightweight (only 3,5 gk for the indoor cabinets) that means that with equal encumbrance the shipment weight could be halved... so the cabinet could be loaded faster and using less employees. Also the greater resistance means a lesser risk of damages in case of clashes.
  • thanks to lightweight, thinness and the presence of well designed handles, the assembly could be normally made even by a single man because is possile ti mantain the cabinet in position even with a single hand.
  • using lighweight cabinets means that the final ledwall is much less heavy and so could be mounted on lighter and smaller structures, with lesser cost ans less shipment problems.

The benefits of the material are not the only plus of these cabinet that represents the highest level of current technology ... for example the indoor cabinet have a small LED display on the back that allow you to wnow exactly the temperature and the performances of the cabinet, so to constantly monitoring the situation and simply identify and resolve any problem.

Some special connecting plates let you not only to hang the ledwall on a truss, but also to fix it to other structures, or combine the cabinets forming a curved screen or join them with a 90°angle or forming a cube.