Create a lot of unique light effects with those fully programmable led tubes.


These LED tubes are specially designed to work with Madrix software and allow spectacular programmable light games. Ideal for discos or big events.

Key information

  • Fully programmable
  • Lots of preset light effects
  • Numerous lengths available
  • 360° light

Technical Info

  • Tube lenght: from 50 to 200 cm
  • LED: RGB with DMX management
The LED tubes system we sell allows you to create many unique fully programmable lighting effects thanks to the Madrix™ software.

The LED tubes can be hung from the ceiling or other structures, with different solutions and distributions depending on your needs .. for example we may cover the entire ceiling or only the perimeter of the room, or create concentric rings or animated light corridors, and much more..

Also, we can offer a full service for the creation of your architectural lighting effects system. We can do everything starting from the preliminary inspection of your local on the basis of which we'll then propose a project of LED tubes distribution. Obviously we can do also the installation of the system and its configuration.

These LED tubes systems are often used in nightclubs and discos but they can also have many other uses like architectural installations, lighting effects for town squares and shopping centers an even mood lighting for restaurants, using effects like the "rain of light" or a lot of relaxing colored effects.

All our systems use LED tubes with DMX management, Artnet hardware and Madrix control software.

The LED tubes we use are available in various sizes, starting from 50 cm up to 2 m in length, equipped with RGB LEDs to show any color and are also certified for outdoor installations.

All control systems support the Artnet protocols 1, 2 and 3; also they can work on any major existing systems: windows, mac and linux.

MADRIX is the LED lighting controller. It is a feature-rich and intuitive Windows software. The application is both an effect generator and media server with outstanding capabilities to display unique real-time effects on your LEDs. Endless stunning and fully customizable visuals are created live for you using pixel mapping (2D), voxel mapping (3D), and the built-in graphics engine and rendering engine.