Custom made led screens

Do you have unique needs? Our designers can make any kind of screen: curved or spiral, irregular shapes, floors made of led screens and more ... just ask!

Key information

  • Custom made creations
  • Product customization
  • 100% internal design
  • Internal product realization
  • No limit to your imagination

Thanks to the experience gained in about 40 years of experience we are able to manufacture any kind of led screen technology and we have realized, for our customers, tailor-made projects and totally outside the market standards.

The advantage of having an internal research & development department allows us to internally carry out all the activities necessary to make aany custom made product from scratch. Some examples of many products made in the past:

  • Spiral screen for the EXPO 2016
  • Led Floor
  • Stairs with led screens in the ups
  • Spherical led screens
  • Led inserted in transparent glass
  • A screen used as swimming pool floor