This helix create images and animations that seem to float in midair

3D Hologram Led Fan

A led fan that rotating at very high speed creates an image in midair of the incredible three-dimensional effect.

Key information

  • Strong visual impact
  • 3D-like images
  • Can be combined for greater images
  • It does not block the light
  • Innovative

Technical Info

  • Models: 45 cm, 65 cm, 100 cm
  • Control system: app, microSD
  • Use: Indoor

This model is composed of one or two bars that rotate at very high speed while the LED strip lights up in sync with the rotation, creating a mid-air image with an incredible three-dimensional effect. Thanks to the very fast rotation, the bar becomes literally invisible, while the lit LEDs remain etched in our retina, creating a complete color image apparently drawn in the air.

The visual effect is extraordinary, especially with outlined images or with moving 3D graphics objects. It is a LED instrument with a unique visual impact at a low price that will not fail to attract the eye of your customers thanks to the fact that it is something that is still not often seen around.

It is also possible to put side by side multiple 3D Hologram Led Fans to create larger images thanks to software that will break the uploaded image into several parts, assigning each helix the task to create a part of the overall image.

The various files (images or videos) that can be displayed in sequence and are programmable. In the 65 cm and 100 cm models the files can be transferred by WiFi and can be managed with an app, directly from your mobile phone. Instead in the 45 cm model they are pre-loaded using a standard MicroSD.