LED screens authorization: 5 ways to win blind bureaucracy


As we can very well understand from the question of a past article, if you live in a Country were there is not a precise law regulating the installation of LED screens, than submitting the proposal can be very frustrating. Without a national law, each City Hall decides at its own judgment to give or not the permit, therefore you don't know what the rules of the game are.

By directly managing a Giant LED Display nearby Turin, we lived on our skin this frustration and we have heard any kind of story from our customers. As a result we now have a little experience in dealing with the City Halls, and we developed what we think is the best way to submit your request.

More detailed information are provided in our Ad-Vantage Training Program© (reserved to our Customers) but here's a list of what you have to do to increase your chances to get the authorization:

Talk To The Right Person - before spending hours and hours talking to an uninterested employee that will have NO impact in whether the request is accepted or not, try to understand who really has decision power in this matter. Very often the right person is the Chief Of Local Police (not the Major!).

Start Slowly - one of the main reasons for rejection is fear of the unknown. That's why if you ask for the authorization for a LED screen your request will be almost surely dismissed. Ask for the authorization for a Bright Advertising Sign or Digital Billboard instead. This way is much more similar to a common tri-vision billboard that at the public office are used to deal with.

Be Professional - asking for the authorization is probably the most important moment of your business. If you don't get it, you won't even start. So be prepared in advance for this important meeting(s). Write a formal request on your company's head paper, submit a picture of the place where you want to install the screen and attach a planometric drawing of the area, better if made by a professional (about 200 € investment).

Show What's In It For Them - as any human being, the person you talk to will take action according to two fundamentals emotions: fear to loose and desire to gain. Show them how the City Hall could benefit from your installation (e.g. free ad spaces) and you will be one step closer to get the authorization.

Don't Be Discouraged, Be Committed - don't expect to get a YES! the first time you try: if it doesn't work in a City, try with the City nearby. Remember that anytime a new Administration is elected, it is a new chance for you.

Good Luck and let me know if you used any other technique to get the authorization.