Monochrome Animated Crosses

Simple but effective light effects in a super thin cross and low prices.

Green Monochrome Animated Crosses

Our new line of double-sided animated crosses is the ideal solution for those who want to modernize their pharmacy with a small investment. The new super-slim design gives a more modern look compared to traditional crosses, making it easy to be seen and considerably lighter than a traditional cross, allowing an easy fastening in conditions considered before to be impossible.

But do not be fooled by the slim profile because, the largest model of this led cross measures up to 120 cm in width (without frame).

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Animated LED Pharmacy Cross - 40 Cm
The 40 cm model of our super slim Led cross-country line: the most compact one
Animated green LED pharmacy cross (60cm)
The ideal for those who want to show their pharmacy with a low investment.
Animated green LED pharmacy cross (90cm)
The 90 cm model of our super-slim LED pharmacy cross line