How To Define The Advertising Space Price

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How To Define The Advertising Space PriceAgain an interesting question from one of you, sent via the yellow note on the right menu: "Hi! I have a question. How does agencies charge advertising on their digital billboards?..the most common way Thanks for all, keep on the good work."

Dear Tom, this is actually one of the most important things the advertising agency must do. Creating a well thought schedule where all the advertising spaces are fine tuned, is crucial to optimize the profits derived from the LED screen.

Provide you with a magic-formula to create your schedule, is unfortunately impossible. I wish I could, but each installation is different and unique: different locations, sizes and resolutions target different Customers and therefore require a different scheduling plan.

In order to facilitate our Customers in this difficult tasks though, we created the AD-Vantage© Software. This is a tool we designed based on the experience of our existing Customers, that already succeeded in their advertising business.

With a simple and user-friendly interface, it allows you to create different sales scenarios and to calculate, in real-time, key information about costs, revenues and profits: you can change the ad length, number of customers, impression-per-hour or other variables... and foresee how your income will be affected. Furthermore it includes a default scenario (based on our experience) that you can use to start your planning.

You can even print a detailed report (with or without financial statements) for yourself or for your customers. I promise you will love this tool - which is not available anywhere else on the market and that we provide to all those who visit our facilities.

I cant answer your question with more details because the information you requested are the kind of best-tecniques that we teach at the Euro Display Training Program, that you receive together with the electronic billboard. These notions are therefore reserved to our Customers only. I am sure you can understand why I cant be more detailed here.

In general though, I can tell you that you should be able to amortize your investment within 8/12 months with 20 advertisers. Therefore we have the following formula:

(investment : 12) : 20 = Advertser's monthly fee

If you need a more detailed "action plan" and you would like to use Ad-Vantage© to define your best scenario before investing in the LED billboard, I am looking forward to your visit! :)

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