Ground-breaking Studies Determine Accidents Not More Likely To Occur Because of Digital Billboards

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Are Digital Billboard dangerous for drivers? This is a debate that have been going on for years.

But today I read a press-release about two different recent studies, conducted by Tantala Associates and the Virginia Tech Transport Institute. Both studies analyzed the possible link between digital billboards and vehicle accidents.

And the good news is that according to both studies, LED video walls are NOT dangerous!

Here is what Mr Albert M. Tantala, from Tantala Associates says: “The analysis and statistics in Cuyahoga County demonstrate that digital billboards have no statistically significant relationship with the occurrence of accidents”

And here are the conclusion of the Virginia Tech Transport Institute: "The overall conclusion from this study is that the presence of LED screens does not cause a measurable change in driver behavior, in terms of visual behavior, speed maintenance, or lane keeping."

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