How To Take Advantage Of Your LED Walls' Flexibility

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Some people think about LED video walls as a classic tri-vision billboard… just with more than three faces available on each prism.

Now, this is pretty reductive idea of the high flexibility allowed by LED walls. The difference between classic billboards and LED giant screen is the same difference you find between a writing machine and PC!

Think about it. Your LED screens do not only allow you to broadcast 10 seconds advertising spaces 24 hours a day. This is the most basic feature but surely not the only one. With your LED wall you can do much much more.

For example with Euro Display's EDX software for playlist scheduling, you can define different advertising slots that you will sell at different prices: just segment your daily schedule by creating rush-hours slots that gets more visibility and therefore are worth a higher price premium. In this way you differentiate your services by offering customized and time-targeted advertising spaces as it happen in television.

TV spots aimed to create "awareness" are aired when the greatest numbers of targeted viewers are likely to be watching, whereas "direct response" spots are broadcasted when viewers are fewer in number but are more likely to leave their errands to make a phone call.

Following the same concept, you can for example create "weekend slots" that are specifically targeted for discos, clubs, cinemas and restaurants which more likely to benefit from advertising on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. And therefore more willing to pay an higher price for their presence on your LED walls.

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